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Your membership benefits all of us. While we will maintain our policy that everyone is welcome to our synagogue regardless of payment, membership in a synagogue represents a commitment to the community. It means you keep Jewish life alive and see it continue to the next generation. It also gives you a framework of giving and contributing to the Shul, and it means that you are a partner in supporting the financial needs of the Synagogue, which we are all part of. Membership dues are the main funding source for Temple Beth El’s programs and activities.

Why become a member?

Membership entitles you to:

  • High Holy Day tickets with preferred seating

  • Ability to participate in the TBE Chavurah! (fun outings, events, house parties, and more) 

  • Voting privileges at congregational meetings

  • The monthly newsletter and other mailings

  • Participation in educational programs and other activities at a discounted rate

  • Services of Rabbi at life cycle events (weddings, baby namings, funerals, etc.)

  • Religious school scholarships for families in need

  • Inclusion in the membership directory

  • Ability to join or head a committee


Your payments help fund the actual synagogue operations for the current year, including Rabbinic salary, administrative, office, and maintenance supplies, upkeep of the facilities, the religious school operation, religious ritual items, and mailings, among other things. We need your support!

Joining Temple Beth El is easy, simply choose a membership type below and click the

"Click Here to Apply for Membership" button.

Types of Memberships


Family membership shall be open to Jewish and interfaith couples, one of whom is Jewish. Family membership may include dependent children who are residents of the household.

$1680 / year

 or $140 / month


Open to any Jewish person who chooses to join our community.


For persons who reside in the Tampa Bay area 6 months out of the year or less, or persons that have a membership in another synagogue.

Young adult

Individual students or young adults  (under 25) living independently are welcome to our family.

$1140 / year

 or $95/month

$1008 / year

 or $84 / month

No fee


Open to non-Jewish people if they participate in our rabbi‘s “Conversion to Judaism” class. The length of time in the conversion class deemed acceptable for membership will be left up to the discretion of our rabbi.

(Upon completion of conversion classes, members can choose their "Type of Membership.")

$1140 / year

 or $95/month

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