Our Religious School program is designed for children from Kindergarten through High School. Trained teachers make Jewish heritage come alive with activities that your children will not want to miss. They will enjoy holiday celebrations and “On the Bimah” experiences. Our children find Bar/Bat Mitzvah preparation is a joy, not a chore, which keeps them coming back. They experience training through traditional means, as well as through song, mitzvah projects, cooking, play, and involvement in the services as well as the occasional field trip. Our program, “Bar/Bat Mitzvah for the Millennium Generation” is a course of study, which, in addition to learning Hebrew, offers an understanding of the most important principles, ideals, and ethical precepts to prepare them to live as committed Jews.


This year, Temple Beth El is very excited to be moving our religious school classes from Sunday mornings to Shabbat mornings (Saturdays). Our choice is a different one – a choice that expresses our Jewish values and our understanding of what 21st century families’ lives are really like.


Our school is held on Shabbat. Every Saturday morning, our classrooms and Sanctuary are filled with kids reading Hebrew, learning about holidays, studying Jewish history, music, Torah, and prayer, becoming Bar and Bat Mitzvah and more. At TBE, Shabbat morning is a time of learning, prayer, and community for ALL ages. Our unique Saturday morning school creatively combines Jewish education and a total Shabbat experience!


Holding religious school on Saturday means…

  • Exposing every student to an authentic Shabbat service every week

  • Opportunities for student participation in various parts of the service

  • Opportunities for student sharing of their learning

  • Confidence building as children will have opportunities to speak in front of the congregation

  • Students hearing the Torah read in Hebrew from the the Torah Scroll

  • Building relationships with the larger TBE community

  • Making it easier for parents to attend Shabbat service

  • Teachers’ ability to reinforce concepts taught in the classroom

  • Giving the child an opportunity to form connections with elders

  • Exposing the child to the beauty of Shabbat

  • Sharing a delicious kiddush lunch with the greater Jewish community

  • Being part of larger Jewish community

  • Demonstrating to the child the parent’s commitment to prioritizing Shabbat


Shabbat School Schedule:

9:00-9:10           Student arrival and check-in

9:10 -11:10            Classroom instruction including: exploring the Sanctuary / Torah

study / Hebrew language / ethics / participation in various parts of the Shabbat service /outdoor activities / liturgy / Sanctuary etiquette,

Jewish music and so much more!

11:15-11:45           Kiddush lunch with entire Temple Beth El Family

(during the kiddush lunch, the children can share their learning,

writings, artwork, Hebrew skills, etc.)

11:45                  Student dismissal