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Join the Men of Beth El

Our Brotherhood Officers are

Bob Johnson, President

Mitch Mallet, Vice President

Albert Rosenstein, Treasurer

Neil Spirtas, Secretary (thru Dec. 31st 2023);

Immediate Past President, Mitch Rubinstein

The Brotherhood Mission and Purpose reflect the family values of Temple Beth El and our commitment to our members and the community. We take our mission and purpose very seriously.

Mission Statement:

As an organization we strive to be an inclusive fellowship/brotherhood that serves the congregation and community in accordance with Reform Jewish values and traditions. We’re dedicated to involving all in Jewish life through civic, social, religious, and educational activities.


Our Brotherhood is an integral part of Temple Beth El offering a wide variety of activities throughout the year. Our activities and volunteerism promote fellowship and brotherhood within the temple and the community. We promote fundraising for the benefit of the temple and our community.

The Brotherhood will endeavor to collaborate with The Sisterhood to co-sponsor/participate in whatever activities and events we jointly undertake, and we look forward to a very productive 2023/2024.

Join this amazing group of men at Temple Beth El!

As a part of Brotherhood, you will:

  • Make friends

  • Work with purpose to support temple programs

  • Cultivate your spiritual and emotional growth

  • Have a blast!

It's easy to become a member of Brotherhood. Just take or mail your check for $25, to the temple. (Make checks out to Temple Beth El Brotherhood) and bring or mail to:


Temple Beth El
5150 Peridia Blvd. E.
Bradenton, Fl. 34203

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