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About Us

Our History

We are a welcoming congregation of Jews with diverse backgrounds, lifestyles, and levels of observance. The congregation began in 1974 when a small group of families came together to serve the Jewish community and help nurture a Jewish presence in Manatee County. The synagogue offers inspiring and participatory Friday night services, Saturday morning services with dynamic Torah discussion, and a monthly Havdalah. All major holidays are celebrated. The community also holds an annual Passover Seder and sponsors an annual downtown Bradenton Chanukah Menorah lighting.

Our Vision

We are an inclusive, caring, egalitarian congregation. We are always striving to be a joyous, supportive home and place of worship that connects community; one that engages and enriches Jewish spiritual, cultural, ethical, educational, and social life. Temple Beth El welcomes all Jews as full participants in our congregation. Moreover, our congregation is open to all who wish to worship with us. We welcome individuals of all gender identities, gender expressions, sexual orientations, races, ethnicities, nationalities, and levels of ability. We strive to fully integrate singles, single parents, couples, and children.


Our Misson
Temple Beth El’s mission is to support Jewish life, values, culture, and experience in the Reform tradition for the people of Manatee County. Temple Beth El welcomes diversity among its congregation, students, and friends; services are available to anyone eager to learn and who is interested in participating in Temple activities. Our congregants celebrate our faith in a warm, comfortable, supportive environment where everyone is welcome.

Getting Involved

The Women of Beth El (Sisterhood), Men’s Club (Brotherhood), and the Social Activities Committee are integral parts of temple life.  The Sisterhood participates in various fundraising events, and holds monthly social/business meetings. The Brotherhood also meets monthly and sponsors a monthly Sunday morning discussion group along with other community development projects. Click here for all our groups and activities.


Educating Families

Education and learning are temple priorities. Our rabbi typically teaches "a shtickle of Torah" during every Shabbat. 

We also offer adult learning opportunities, including Torah study as well classes on culture, history, and even fun Jewish trivia. Most classes are online! 

Shabbat School

For the 2022-23 school year, we are very excited to introduce our students to a new curriculum called Shalom Learning! Throughout the year, the Temple Beth El Shabbat School students (now meeting on Shabbat morning!) will focus on the following sequence of core Jewish values:

  • Teshuvah - taking responsibility for your actions

  • B'Tzelem Elohim  - honoring the image of G-d in ourselves

  • Gevurah - using one's inner strength and outer strength

  • Achrayut - doing what you can to make the world a better place

  • Hakarat Hatov - seeking joy and being grateful

  • Koach Hadibbur  - understanding the power of words

  • Shalom - helping to create a more peaceful world


Bar/Bat Mitzvah Training

At Temple Beth El, we continue to believe in the value of the Bar/Bat Mitzvah experience but that it is time for a new and more worthwhile approach. We believe that the most important aspect of Bar/Bat Mitzvah study is learning how to live a Jewish life. This includes learning such elements as our history and the reasons for our practices. It definitely should emphasize Jewish ethical living, best accomplished by one-on-one learning with teachers and with their parents. 

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