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Caring Circle

Temple Beth El prides itself on being a warm, friendly, and inviting home for worship, where our members are part of our family. If you know of a Temple member who is hospitalized or at home, dealing with a wellness issue, and would appreciate or benefit from contact with the Rabbi or the Temple, please see the link below. 


To let us know if you or someone you know needs our help or support, click the button below. This will take you to a form that will be sent to the rabbi and our Caring Coordinator.

May the one who blessed our ancestors, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, Sarah, Rebecca, Rachel and Leah, bless and heal those who are ill. May the Blessed Holy One be filled with compassion for their health to be restored and their strength to be revived. May God swiftly send them a complete renewal of body and spirit, and let us say,  Amen.

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