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Are you looking to discover your Jewish path?


Our multi-generational Reform congregation blends Jewish values, traditions, music, study, and social action into a warm, unique community. Join us and discover why we're more than just a house of worship - we're a family!

Shabbat Services,  Friday at 7:00 pm
Saturday morning Services  at 10:00 am
Services are followed by an Oneg & Kiddush

This week's coming Shabbat

Shof'tim     שֹׁפְטִים

Come experience our difference

Friday night services are filled with music and song. Join us for a lively service where you will clap, pray, dance, rejoice and celebrate Shabbat. Saturday mornings offer a more traditional service, both services provide a meaningful experience where you will walk away filling uplifted and fulfilled. Join us!


Support your Jewish Community. Make your generous Kol Nidre/High Holiday donation today...

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