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Code of Ethics

As a sacred community, we strive at all times to exemplify the interrelated values of holiness (kedusha), compassion (rachamim), justice (tzedek), decency and respect (derech eretz), kindness (Hesed,) and honesty and integrity (yosher). The following code of ethics is built upon these values.

Temple Beth El has adopted an Ethics code and provides members of its community with a confidential avenue for addressing alleged breaches of that code. The synagogue is committed to promptly investigating any reported violations and taking appropriate steps to resolve the complaint. The following document codifies these ethical standards and delineates how allegations of unethical behavior based on the Ethics Code will be addressed. Certain types of complaints may require immediate reporting to law enforcement, depending on the nature of the allegations.

If you would like to download a copy of our Code of Ethics, Click here.

Filing a Complaint:

TO THE PERSON(S) FILING THE COMPLAINT - Please be specific when writing about an alleged ethical violation(s). All alleged ethical violation(s) will follow the procedures previously outlined in this document.


TO FILE A COMPLAINT, please follow the following protocol:

1.     All complaints must be filed in writing, and sent to the address below

2.     The envelope must be marked “CONFIDENTIAL”

3.     Specify the individual(s) to whom you are addressing in one of the following formats:

·    Ethics Committee Chair

·    President – Temple Beth El

·    Rabbi – Temple Beth El

·    A specific name and/or position



Temple Beth El

5150 Peridia Blvd. East

Bradenton, FL 34203

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