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I/We hereby apply for membership in Temple Beth El. Each of the undersigned agrees to pay and be responsible for annual dues, building fund (if applicable), school tuition (if applicable), and other charges as may from time to time be established or changed by the Board of Directors and/or the congregation. *According to our by-laws, at least one adult member of your family must be Jewish to apply for membership. By signing below, you agree to all statements above.

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Interests - check all that apply

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This area must be completed with your application. You have selected the {chooseA} membership plan. Check the table below for the fee associated with your plan. The minimum payment due with this application is the Monthly Fee linked to your membership plan.

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Check the table above for the fee associated with the {chooseA} Membership Plan. Please write "Membership" in the memo part of your check and mail it to: Temple Beth El 5150 Peridia Blvd. East Bradenton, FL 34203

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